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Club gCaptain offers exclusive access to extra gCaptain content, delivered every week. At $10/month or $100/year, our most loyal readers will be able to enjoy some great perks.

A Club gCaptain membership includes:

  • Club gCaptain Weekly newsletter, delivered every week on Friday
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On top of the extra content that you pay for, you’ll also get a chance to be an awesome reader who makes a direct contribution to the gCaptain team. You membership will fund additional researchers, ship photographers and maritime journalists… helping to improve the quality of gCaptain’s articles. That’s pretty cool, we think.

gCaptain Weekly

The main perk of Club gCaptain is gCaptain Weekly, an ad-free newsletter delivered every Friday featuring the following regular sections:

    • gCaptain’s Favorite Apps: A great app that deserves to be on everyone’s iOS device or Andriod.
    • Apps for work: The best apps for a category or to perform a specific tasks at work. We’ll also go beyond just recommending apps and collect workflows, usage examples, screenshots and more.
    • Tips & tricks to get the most out of your devices.
    • Home Screens: Interviews with friends of gCaptain about their favorite apps.
  • GEAR
    • gCaptain’s Gear of the Week: An article about Tools, Toys, Gadgets and gear to make work, or your life, simpler or more fun.
    • gCaptain pro-gear: A brief review of tough, durable gear that will help you survive working at sea.
    • A weekly digest connecting the dots between the shipping industry (i.e. a condensed resurection of our extinct but popular Maritime Monday)
    • Interesting Links: Great reads , tips and tricks, fascinating information, or videos from the web this week.
    • Media Pick: Our favorite analogue content (games, music, books, movies, podcasts, etc.) that can help you unwind over the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.
    • Each week, Club gCaptain members will be able to ask questions directly to the gCaptain team. Questions can be about anything – apps, maritime news, productivity questions, Greek cuisine – you name it. We’ll pick a few questions and respond in each week’s issue of gCaptain Weekly for every Club member to read.

Occasional Discounts, Giveaways, and Free Downloads

After eight years of gCaptain, we’ve gotten to know quite a few of the people behind the ships and services we write about every day. Occasionally, with their help, we’ll offer discounts and giveaways exclusively to Club gCaptain members. It may be a discount on the best set of binoculars, work boots or bag… or possibly a discount on a great app. And, when we can pull it off, the offer will be an exclusive invite to an exclusive industry event (e.g. shipyard photo tour, dinner with a special event speaker, etc)

Free downloads will be available in your Club profile under a ‘Downloads’ tab. Instructions for discounts and giveaways will be provided in gCaptain Weekly or Club Quarterly.

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